Guest Post Backlinks

Old Typewriter DrawingThis is one of the absolute best traffic and back linking methods. Not only are you developing relationships with other blog owners, you are distributing your content to quality websites in your business niche, generating free traffic over the long term, but you also get to build valuable contextual back-links from authority websites that are trusted by the search engines.

Being a guest blogger simply means that you start writing high quality, keyword optimized articles for for distribution on other websites for free. You will benefit by getting back-links from within your articles pointing back to your website. You will have opportunities to place a contextual back-links within the body of the main article and/or in the author bio at the end of your article.

The main benefit of getting guest blogging articles is that they tend to be permanent because of the friendly relationship you develop with the blog owner. This is unlike blog commenting that are of little value because this practice has been so badly abused that the search engines generally ignore them.

How to find high traffic sites that will accept you as a guest blogger?

1. You can perform the following searches in Google just replace the ‘keyword phrase‘ placeholder with your keyword and add the rest of the text including the ‘+’ with each example.

  • keyword phrase”+ “become a contributor”
  • keyword phrase”+ “guest article”
  • keyword phrase”+ “guest blog”
  • keyword phrase”+ “guest blogger”
  • keyword phrase”+ “guest bloggers”

Once you have done this:

  • Sort through the listings looking for sites with high page rank. You can use the SEO Quake Firefox plugin to do this as it will list the page rank under each listing.
  • Browse each site and find their instructions  on how to submit a guest post.

2. You can also use offline methods to get guest blogging opportunities. These will probably be more effective methods for a small business owner since you probably network with other offline business owners. You can use your offline business networks to propose writing guest articles for the following:

  • Your local business network e.g. Local Chamber of Commerce
  • Your Professional Association
  • Your Local newspaper
  • Your local community organizations such as schools, charities etc

There are many ways to find guest blogging opportunities. Just be sure to submit the best article you can and distribute it to no more that one blog. You want to maintain a good relationship with those that accept your guest posts so that they will accept more in the future.


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