Reputation Marketing

Do You Know What People Are Saying About Your Business Online?

Reputation MarketingIt is usually unhappy customers who leave bad reviews about your business online. In many cases it can be ex employees and even your competition. Just a little bit of this can leave you looking like a business that does not care about it’s customers or even a business that is dishonest.

Whether you like it or not you must manage your online reputation, that is if you want to convert people who are searching for your products and services into customers.

Did You Know?

The 2011 Social Shopping Study indicates that 50% of consumers spend 75% or more of their total shopping time conducting online product research? Not only that but over 70% of Consumers Trust Other Consumer Opinions that are Posted Online.

Now you cannot stop someone from posing a negative review but you can be proactive and address any negative reviews the minute they are posted online. This means you must somehow monitor all of the places online where a negative review can show up that would be damaging to your business.

You also must start encouraging your customers to leave honest reviews on your website and address the negative ones before they become public.

What Should You Do?

We recommend that instead of having a mindset of managing your reputation you should rather have a mindset of using your reputation as a powerful marketing and sales tool.

To do that you must implement a process that monitors all of the places where an unhappy customer can leave a negative review. This must be done daily, more often would be better.

Must train your employees to deal with unhappy customers and to encourage all customers to leave honest reviews.

You should have printed material that you can send out to to your existing customers asking for honest reviews.

Not only do great reviews and a great reputation help your potential customers trust you they are an important website ranking factor for local businesses. Google and the other search engines want to provide the best possible results to people using their search engines. What better way to rank local search results with a local intent than by the website that has the best reputation.

How We Can Help?

We will work with your business to help you implement the steps we have outlined above. We know that as a local business owner you do not have a lot of free time so we have developed a process to help without you needing to spend any of your own time on it.

If you want to review your businesses’ Online Reputation, we have developed an automated online system to allow you to instantly check it. You can find more information it in the sidebar to the right or you can Click Here to go directly to it.

We look forward to helping you develop a 5 star reputation, give us a call at 713-338-9254 of fill out our Contact Form for more details.