Google Plus Local SEO

What Does Google Plus Local Have To Do With SEO?

If you are a local business, EVERYTHING!

Google created Google Plus Local to help Local Customers find Local Businesses. They better serve their customers with local results when the intent of the search is clearly local?

When Google created Plus Local, formerly known as ‘Google Local Pages’ they scanned the entire internet for local directories, yellow pages online and anywhere else local businesses might be listed. They then created a local page in their Local Pages directory for each business they found.

The other two major search engines, Bing and Yahoo followed suit and created their own versions of local pages for local businesses.

If your business is not currently listed in the local results you can apply to each of the search engines and they will, after verification that you are the business owner, add you to their database of local businesses and give you your own local pages page.

The point is that if your are a local business then being listed in the main search results is not that important to you because you want to show up for local searches.

There are two ways that a search engine can identify a search as having local intent.

First, if a search is for “plumber” the search engine would return results for the city associated with the searcher’s IP address. If it were “plumbers in Dallas” then the results would be for Dallas no matter where the search originated.

The most important fact to remember about searches with local intent is that when they are triggered the search engine will return result lists of local companies and they will appear at or near the top of the search results.

Even if your business does have a listing in the local page it may not be listed on the first page of the results. There may be many companies in your area with local pages, there is only room for 7 listingsĀ  and only the ones that are optimized the best will show up on the first page.

The top listing will get over 60% of all traffic so it is important to be first!

We specialize in helping local companies show up in the Local Results because that is where they will connect with their local customers.

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