Video Marketing

YouTube LogoLocal businesses are becoming more and more dependent on the internet.

They are trading in their traditional marketing methods because their customers are searching online for local products and services.The internet levels the field for small local companies allowing them to compete for local customers with a relatively small budget.

The Nielsen Ratings Group reports that over 78% of the U.S. population spends an average of 30 hours per month on the internet.

During that time, each web user viewed approximately 3,123 web pages – including many video web pages.

U.S. internet users watched a total of almost 18 billion videos online in September 2011. These numbers alone prove that business owners who ignore online video marketing do so at their own peril.

Not only that, but mobile is also a vehicle for web video consumption. Did you know that more than 20% of internet visitors use their mobile devices to get online and for nothing else?

Nielsen’s new ‘Three Screens’ quarterly reports that mobile video consumption, particularly on smartphones, has grown at a rate of 51.2% year after year. The report also dispels the misconception that teens consume more video than adults; it says that over half of mobile video consumers (55%) are adults ages 25-49.

The top online destinations for U.S. internet visitors are Google, Facebook, and YouTube and all of these platforms serve up a healthy share of video content, which is a strong indication of just how powerful online videos can be for your business.

YouTube which is owned by Google, is the largest online video site on the planet. It can help to create a strong marketing foundation for any local business.

Many local consumers go online first before visiting a local business. They pay close attention to what comes up on the first page of the search engines when searching for your type of product or service online.

Videos that are properly optimized, formatted and distributed to the best video sharing websites can rank at the top of the results in a very short amount of time. Have you noticed how many times one or more YouTube videos show up on the first page when you do a search?

As a local business owner, you may be wondering if your business should get in on this fast-growing trend.

It is no longer a secret that online video can deliver paying customers to local businesses. Your competition may be looking at it right now, if not now in the very near future.

There is still time to get in before the crowd but that time is quickly running out…


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