Website Design

Your Website Design Is Critical To Your Success

The design of your website is extremely important. Firs your content must optimized to display on any device your potential customers might be using when they find your website.

Today’s consumers are constantly on the move, many of them use mobile devices like smart phones and tablet computers. Web pages that look good on a desktop computer may be unusable on a tablet or a smart phone.

The time is fast approaching when the number of people browsing the web with mobile devices will far outnumber those using desktop computers. Your website must be easily accessible on mobile devices. If not it will send them scurrying away to the first one they find that is mobile friendly.

We have prepared a Mobile Website Report that explains in more detail why a mobile friendly website is so important to your businesses’ success, you can download it here…

Your website should be optimized to load as quickly as possible because if it loads too slow a potential customer may just move on to the next website in the list of search results, possibly never visiting your website again.

Speed is also important to where you rank in the search results because the search engines use page load speed as one of their ranking factors. This means that the slower your pages load the lower your sit will rank in the search results. Google places so much importance on page load speed that they have created an online tool that allows you to test the speed of your website. A page load of 80 or more would be considered acceptable. You can find the Google Page Load Speed Test Here…

Your website should also be designed to be appealing and easy to understand. It should lead your visitors in a clear and logical manner to the actions you want them to take.

And Last but not least the copy writing on your website should be as good as it can possibly be in order to get the highest possible conversion rate from the visitors coming to your website. To reach the highest conversion rate you must consider A/B Split Testing of the important elements of your pages especially your sales pages.

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